We have several testimonials from our clients, and here you can see a few examples of our clients experiences working with us. If you want to see what Codan Insurance (RCA), Confex, BDO Scanrevision, Danske Bank or KODA say about us, feel free to contact us. 


Kirsten and Hanne managed to get us to reflect on our individual behavior and how we each contributed to the team's overall performance. Subsequently, we were suddenly a team in a much broader sense than before. We got kicked in the bottom in a loving way - and we liked it.

Brian Karstens, former Director at Bacardi-Martini Danmark A/S, now Category Group Manager, Coop

Hanne facilitated a strategy process for the management team of The Danish National Lottery, where she through the process and insights secure joint ownership. Secondly the process included a visible need for adjustment of the organization and its structure, which is now completed with great impact on both job satisfaction and performance.

Mette Dyhr, CEO, The Danish National Lottery

Kirsten managed, through her ​​deep insight into both strategy and people, to redeem some of the natural ingrained conflicts within the team and to create a common and deeply rooted cooperative foundation. This has proven to have a lasting positive impact on the team as conflicts are now resolved constructively, and the team is focused on performing through the development and execution of the common strategy.

Conny Kalcher, Vice President at LEGO COMPANY