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Conflict management

There are good reasons to get external help to solve a conflict that has deadlocked. When professional discrepancies are not resolved, there is a risk that the ditch between the parties will become deeper and deeper. Then the conflict spreads to the rest of the organization.

We either work with the parties involved or with the responsible leader, who receives help and sparring in relation to resolving the conflicts in the organization.

Conflicts – not being solved – will grow. When professional discrepancies are not resolved, there is a risk that the conflict changes in character and become personal outstandings, which makes conflicts much more difficult to solve. The conflict can escalate to a level where both sides question the others intention and personal character, and everything that happens between the parties is interpreted from a foundation of mistrust, where there is only focus on the other’s shortcomings.

None of the parties sees their own part in the conflict and both believe that the other person needs to change his or her behavior. If there is no external help in this proces, then the ditch between the parties will become more deeper and deeper. The conflict will spreads to the rest of the organization, because the parties need to talk about it, and they also need to find allies who will join forces with them. This separates the wheat from the chaff, and the opponents or the moderates are regarded as traitors.

How much
The sooner you take care of the conflict, the faster the conflict will be solved. We tailor the process to what is needed in each case. Sometimes only a few sessions are required, other times it takes more. The process can be put together to suit both finances and needs.

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This is how we work
X+CO helps the parties move from avoidance and aggression to be more openminded.

The process is about getting the parties to speak out, to see their own part in the conflict, to have a forward-looking perspective on their cooperation and particularly to learn the parties to talk together so they can move from having restraining to a developing relationship.

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