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Feedback is difficult to accept! Read more As human beings we really want to be accepted as we are – which is why it is difficult to accept feedback. Most leaders want to learn and develop. But listening to feedback is difficult and contradictory. Feedback can therefore both be something you want and yet do not really want.

It's all about you

X+CO helps the leadership team and the individual leader developing their personal competences needed to solve the company’s business challenges. What do the leadership team have to do together to solve these challenges, and what do the individual manager need to develop on a personal level in order for the leadership team to function?

Our experience is that several leadership teams forget to ask themselves what to do differently when something in the organization is not working. What are they doing or not doing that is causing the organization to lose momentum? Is the team too silo-oriented or fails to take responsibility for the whole? Or is it really about the individual leader’s own ability to e.g. be clear, listen or to deal with conflicting topics?

The leader of the team is the role model for what is possible in the team and the organization. It requires an ambitious and courageous leader to be in front of a process in which the leader sets requirements for the team’s mutual cooperation and the individual team members’ personal competences and development. When an organization does not perform, the arrow will eventually point at something that leaders either do or don’t get done.

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MANGLER DU EN JULEGAVE TIL DINE LEDERE - ELLER BARE DIG SELV? Her pakker jeg de signerede 🖊 bøger pænt ind 🎁

Nu er det ikke kun vores kunder, der køber 📖 “Pilen peger på dig” som julegave til deres ledere. Vi får heldigvis god respons på bogen udover…


(Engelsk) Pilen peger på dig – om ledelse og ansvar

Jyllandsposten giver 5 stjerner og skriver: ”Ny overraskende businessbog”, ”... en udsædvanlig god bog om, hvordan man som leder udvikler sig selv og sine medarbejdere, så man i fællesskab opnår gode resultater. En stærk og inspirerende bog om tillid, personlig udvikling og velfungerende ledergrupper ….”

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