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Team development

X+CO's work with the management team is based on what the team must be able to do together to solve the business and professional challenges

Team Development is aimed for the ambitious leader who wants the team to be a developing team.

By becoming even better at collaborating, developing and / or implementing new strategies, solving conflicts, avoiding silo’s and maintaining focus on creating results. A desire to achieve better results, developing as a leader and a human being.

In our work with leadership and management groups, we are focused on moving the group’s attention to what is happening in the group; the individual psychology, group dynamics and the different factors that influence a group’s ability to perform. It is important for us to create a trusting space where it is possible to work together to create results and achieve the company’s goals.

How much
The process is tailored to the wishes and needs of the individual management team. It has many forms, and the program can be put together to suit both finances and needs.

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How we work

X+CO creates a trusting space where it is possible to talk together about everything that prevents the team from creating results. We have focus on bringing conflicts to the surface instead of ignoring them in silence. If conflicts are not handled, it may take one’s energy, split the group, create dissatisfaction and remove focus from the main task.

It requires a Management Team that wants to foster a leadership culture that is both clear, able to discuss expectations and demands, and that the leaders are able to be open and reflect on their own actions.

We ensure that the management team discuss and learn about group dynamics, but also adapt the learnings as a natural part of the team’s interaction onwards. In the process, the management team works with current challenges, individual notices and what is difficult to talk about, whilst the energy and progress is preserved.

Once the team has embarked on that process, it will continue. We help create a language and a space with focus on development. The process makes a noticeable difference to how the management team subsequently works together.

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